La porte des secrets

Gate of Secrets
Marque Bretagne

Since 30 March 2018, the Gate of Secrets’ walk-through experience takes you through six different worlds:

  • Pierre’s workshop
  • The Forest room
  • The korrigans’ cave
  • The Blacksmiths workshop
  • The Master Tree room
  • Destination Brocéliande

The forest warden’s workshop


la Porte des Secrets, atelier de Pierre

Come in and gather around Pierres worktable. The workshop is incredibly authentic! Each tool, each piece of furniture, each item of decor will immerse you in the everyday work of this local boy turned forest warden. With the help of his memory boxes, Pierre reminisces and shares his childhood memories: the key sites of Brocéliande, its territory, mythical and magical places populated with dragons and fairies… With the help of projections and lighting effects, you will be completely immersed into the heart of the forest!


In the heart of the forest

France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Paimpont, la Porte des Secrets

A floor-to-ceiling forest decor to enter the heart of Brocéliande… In this world of nature, the atmosphere is ideal to explore the woods. A light-breeze sensation wakes up the senses, the cries of animals can be heard in the background, who soon materialise before our astonished eyes. Pierre tells us about the life of Bréciliens, the inhabitants of the forest: wood was a much-used raw material in Brocéliande. Then the real forest gave way to a fairyland… Find out about the magical fountain of Barenton, shiver during the story of Merlin and Vivien and let yourself be surprised by the furtive presence of the little forest people!

The Korrigans’ corridor

Right out of the heart of the forest, here you are, ready to start chasing korrigans! Thanks to a brand new interactive installation, korrigans appear and hide back into the decor… By touching active zones, you can make these small, lively and cheeky individuals with funny manners appear right before your eyes… Your whole family will enjoy this moment of fun, full of laughter and poetry!

Forge of Paul, Master Blacksmith

At the heart of the forest, substantial iron ore resources and the existence of a hydrographic network enabled the development of the metallurgic industry.

In the seventeenth century, the forest was inhabited by brave men who worked in the forges and transformed the precious metal. This third space is quite a change from the calm of the forest and reveals another facet of Brocéliande: human activity around natural resources. In this unique recreated workshop, feel the heat of the fire, the passion and skill of artisans and the rough and moving legends associated with the history of iron. Moving between history and a tribute to local blacksmiths, this room describes this industrial legacy, an integral part of the identity of Brocéliande.

The Master Tree


Enter the realm of the Master Tree, feel the natural force and the serenity that emanate from this ancient tree. 

Surrounded by roots on the ground, the majestic trunk and the branches that travel across the room, Pierres voice will lead you into amazement. An invitation to enjoy the moment and remain in a spirit of curiosity faced with the infinite presence of nature in Brocéliande.

This room is an ode to imagination, a very emotional moment, where you can let yourself believe in stories that have become legends and bask in the wonderful, fairylike atmosphere of this unique place.

Your own journey in Brocéliande


In this last room, Pierre encourages you to write your own story, to build your initiation journey into Brocéliande by inviting you to explore the landmarks of Destination Brocéliande.

In addition to the walk-through experience, the Gate of Secrets is also a place for visitors to meet and exchange with local artists.

Writers, storytellers and musicians regularly come to enchant us with their presence, sharing their art for a moment enjoyed by all!

A few pictures

Gate of Secrets The Master-Tree at the Gate of Secrets France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Paimpont, the Gate of Secrets France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Paimpont, the Gate of Secrets The Gate of Secrets, Pierre's workshop La Porte des secrets La Prod est dans le Pré la Porte des Secrets @la prod est dans l epré La Prod est dans le pré, Brocéliande