A few tips

A FEW TIPS to get off to a good start in Brocéliande 

Tip N°1: Is it your first time here? You must stop by the Gate of secrets! This magical walk-through experience will introduce you to the many facets of the Brocéliande forest. You will be instantly transported into the imaginary world of Brocéliande. Audio guides in english.

Tip N°2: Invest in a good pair of shoes. To avoid sprains and small insect bites, it is important to wear appropriate shoes such as trainers, sport sandals or hiking boots if you own some.

Tip N°3: Dont forget your maps! The forest extends over 11,000 hectares (the size of Paris!) so make sure you drop by the Tourist Office in Paimpont, Tréhorenteuc or Guer where maps and guides are provided for free.

Tip N°4: Take a moment to meet our local talents, they are the heart of the Brocéliande experience. With its storytellers, its druids, with the creative vitality of the Arthurian Centre, with its artists (illustrators, writers, painters, comedians…), Brocéliande is more than just a sightseeing destination…. Keep this in mind when visiting the area!

Tip N°5: There are no rubbish bins on our sites. Make sure you take all your rubbish away with you… the environment will thank you!

Are you bringing young children on one of our storytellers’ tours

Tip N°1: Many paths cannot be accessed with a pushchair so make sure you bring a baby carrier, or rent one from the Tourist Office for a day or half-day (7€). You can book one in advance from the Tourist Office.

Tip N°2: The forest is not an amusement park with a restaurant at every turn, make sure to bring water and snacks to sustain your kids’ fierce appetite!

Tip N°3: Not all our storytellers’ tours are suitable for young children, make sure you check the minimum age for each outing.  

If you’re bringing your dog

No problem, pets are welcome, including on our storytellers’ tours, simply make sure you have them on a leash.