The lake of the Paimpont Abbey


An exceptional natural area

The lake of the Paimpont abbey lies at the foot of a prestigious abbey, built in the thirteenth century. This man-made body of water of about 50 hectares is home to many animal and plant species. Around the lake, a well-maintained circuit will guide you through a rare natural environment: the peat bog.

In the spring, waterlilies and water crowfoots adorn the waters. In the summer, on the bare banks, the vegetation includes amphibian plants such as Littorella uniflora, Elatine hexandra and dwarf hair grass (eleocharis acicularis).

Further on, you find yourself in peatland and wet moorland, home to purple moor grass, common cottongrass, heather and peat moss. There are even some carnivorous plants! Do not worry though, these common sundews should settle for some small insects…

Gradually, the landscape changes, with birch and willow trees and glossy false buckthorn leading towards the forest.

The lake is a wintering site for birds, welcoming Mallard, Common Teal and Great Crested Grebe… Grey Heron and Great Egret hunt for fish on the bank.”

A poetic and recreational pedestrian footpath with a footbridge raised on stilts…perfect for the whole family!

All the installations on the path are made from environmentally friendly materials – wood, schist…

Start of the path

  • Paimpont Abbey car park


First part of the circuit

  • Duration : 1 hour (no particular difficulty, accessible to all).
  • The first part of the path can be accessed with a pushchair. Baby carriers can be rented from the Tourist Office (7€ for a day or half-day). Bookings can be made through the Tourist Office.

Full circuit

  • Duration: 1 hour and a half
  • Distance: 4km
  • Make sure you wear appropriate hiking shoes or boots
  • Closed during the hunting season from 12 september to 31 March

Around the lake:

  • A poetic and recreational pedestrian footpath with a footbridge raised on stilts
  • A water sports centre
  • A fishing pier
  • A geocache
  • The Grotto of Notre-Dame de Paimpont
  • Many remarkable trees on the circuit
  • A bike rental service (Brocéliande Bike)
  • The Paimpont Abbey
  • A picnic area with tables
  • Children’s playground (at the end of the path)
  • Shops, bars and restaurants


Location: Paimpont town centre
Click here to download the map of legendary sites and trails 

A few pictures

Balade en canoë sur l'étang The lake of Paimpont Abbey The lake of Paimpont Abbey Base Nautique, visite et location Path of the lake of Paimpont Paimpont Abbey @Emmanuel Berthier - 2000 Oak Grove - Crédit : Phillippe Manguin Fishing, activities at the lake of Paimpont - Crédit : Simon Bourcier Shores of the lake of Paimpont Abbey sentier étang de Paimpont