The Oak of the Hindrés

chêne des Hindrés Brocéliande


Outstanding by its size and tortuous-shaped branches, the Oak of the Hindrés is one of the largest of its kind in the Paimpont state forest. The term Hindrés” refers to a humid place. Classified as a remarkable tree since 1997, it is a sessile oak (Quercus petraea). At the grand old age of around 500, the Oak of the Hindrés will impress you! Its large straight trunk and its majestic weaving branches watch over walkers like the shadow of a wise old man…

A well-preserved natural site

A few years ago, the French national forestry office took steps to make the site more attractive: the tree is now surrounded by a protective fence and the surroundings have been made more visitor-friendly. You will find the tree when following the pedestrian path starting at the car park of “Rocher Cadieu”.
Not far from our remarkable friend, you will find a reconstituted fouée de charbonniers (the local version of a charcoal burner’s heap). The production of charcoal was a thriving operation in Brocéliande, and many stories surrounded the strange life of these Men of the forest…



  • The site is located in the Paimpont state forest. To access it, drive towards Saint-Malon-sur-Mel, and park in the car park of the Rocher Cadieu.
  • The site is accessible year-round except on certain days during the hunting season (12 September to 31 March) (see calendar days of hunting in the state-owned part).


  • The site is not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • Baby carriers can be rented from the Tourist Office (7€ for a day or half-day). Bookings can be made through the Tourist Office.

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A few pictures

fouée charbonniers Hindrés The Oak of the Hindrés The Oak of the Hindrés The Oak of the Hindrés Fouée de charbonniers Brocéliande The Oak of the Hindrés