Lakes in the Valley of No Return

Marque Bretagne


As part of a natural area of interest for ecology, flora and fauna, the lakes of the Valley of No Return and the Ruisseau Rauco harbour many interesting species, and much more… 

Back in the day, the lakes of the Valley of No Return used to supply water to a mill that was active until 1930. Today, it is a rich natural area, both in terms of natural resources and of legends…

A rich biodiversity

Two species of dragonfly live around the stream, lakes and ponds: golden-ringed dragonflies and western spectre dragonflies. And perhaps you will be lucky enough to hear the croaking of a legally protected frog: the common parsley frog! On the circular circuit around the Valley of No Return, you will come across many, very interesting plant species: blueberries, Lily of the valley, pear trees with heart-shaped leaves, blunt-leaved bog moss…

Val sans Retour - étang du Miroir aux fées @Philippe Manguin

Val sans Retour – étang du Miroir aux fées @Philippe Manguin


The legend of the Fairies’ Mirror

But, the Valley of No Return wouldn’t exist without its legends, and one of them involves this place, or more specifically, it is the first lake, the Fairies’ Mirror, that is the setting of this tale… Its waters, “white and clear as silver” are said to have been the home of seven fairy sisters. One day, drawn by her curiosity, the youngest approaches a man and falls madly in love. The two lovers share some sweet moments in secret before the other fairies find out and decide to get revenge… As you know by now, fairies can be quite ruthless!

Along the Ruisseau Rauco, frogs, fairies and dragonflies await you to share a most beautiful moment…


From Paimpont, follow road D40 towards Campénéac. At the Châtenay, turn right towards Tréhorenteuc. Keep going towards Tréhorenteuc. Once in Tréhorenteuc, turn left and park in the car park of the Valley of No Return.