The church of the Holy Grail

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Arthurian legend within a Christian church.

In the small town of Tréhorenteuc, the church of Saint Onenne harbours surprising stained-glass windows…

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A protecting patron: Saint Onenne

Built in the twelfth century, the church of Tréhorenteuc is dedicated to Saint Onenne. Daughter of King Judicaël, she rejected her royal heritage and decided to live in Tréhorenteuc. Wonderful legends surround her: it is said that she was kissed by the Virgin Mary to whom she had offered roses… Saint Onenne is even said to be buried underneath the church!

An exceptional church for an exceptional priest

In 1942, Father Gillard was appointed rector of Tréhorenteuc, a small and isolated village. The inhabitants had turned away from faith, the church was falling into disrepair… What a sad sight for the parish priest! But he was a true original: he was convinced that all religions stem from the same faith. When he discovered the force of legends in Brocéliande, he decided to transform his church to shine a light on the gospel through the myth of the Holy Grail…

For twelve years, the priest funded the restoration of his church. Year after year, the church was reshaped into the form that we know today, thanks to the support of parishioners and local authorities. It lost its outdated look and took on legendary airs, a place where faith and mythology intertwine…

Inside the church, you can admire the chancels great stained-glass window and look out for the legendary symbols!

The church’s statues

After a few weeks in the expert hands of two restorers, two of the churchs statues have regained their place. The first one is the statue of our Lady of the Rosary, which dates back to the eighteenth century and which was cleaned and restored. The second one is the statue of Saint John-Baptist, dating back to the fifteenth century. It was the subject of a study, and it should now soon be restored.


The mosaic of the White Stag

Upon entering the church, you can admire the mosaic of the White Stag, crafted in the Odorico workshops. Packed with symbols, this mosaic and its many characters evoke the Christian religion, with the haloed stag representing the Christ and the four lions, the four gospels. Yet these elements also call to mind the famous Quest of the Holy Grail. Under the stare of the majestic stag, will you dare look for this mysterious object?

Before you leave, remember to look up. Inscribed above the church entrance, you will read a mysterious maxim: “The door is within” … Perhaps an invitation to discover the other world…

A few pictures

Church of the Holy Grail - Tréhorenteuc - Crédit Emmanuel Berthier The mosaic of the white stag, in the church of the Holy Grail - Tréhorenteuc - Crédit Emmanuel Berthier Father Gillard's statue - Church of the Holy Grail - Tréhorenteuc Church of the Holy Grail - Tréhorenteuc. Crédit : Emmanuel Berthier

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