Brocéliande’s Nordic Farm

ferme nordique Paimpont rennes


A Nordic farm in Brocéliande? Quite surprising, isn’t it? Surrounded by huskies and reindeers, escape into the heart of the forest…


ferme nordique Paimpont - Modjo le chien

Pascal and Marie fell in love with the Far North and Finnish Lapland over 30 years and they created this Nordic farm to share their passion for the great outdoors.

Here, you can bond with the animals living on the farm: the pack of huskies and the reindeers. While some graze peacefully, others are ready for a ride…

A tour of the farm will give you a chance to approach the reindeer herd and understand their traits. One thing these herbivores with great antlers particularly look forward to: a nice piece of lichen, their favourite treat!

Ride with a team of Huskies

For those who enjoy the thrill of strong sensations, take a seat on the go-cart and let the pack of huskies take you on a ride. You can choose from two circuits: the Noomak tour, a long ride around the lake and on the footsteps of Unymak, a discovery circuit. Siberian Huskies are used to riding in teams, and these circuits are also a great opportunity to understand how the pack works, the role of the lead dog….

The Nordic Farm offers many activities: guided tours, passenger rides, introduction to products from Lapland… and even organised trips to Lapland! Something for everyone!

A few pictures

The reindeers of the nordic farm Nordic Farm, Paimpont A reindeer of the Nordic Farm, Paimpont The huskies of the Nordic Farm, Paimpont Nordic Farm, Paimpont Huskies of the Nordic Farm

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