The Arthurian Centre


Since 1988, the Arthurian Centre has enchanted the public with the imaginary world of Brocéliande: Celtic world, medieval literature, romantic renewal, artistic creations and contemporary research projects.

Every year, the Arthurian Centre, set inside the Comper Castle in Concoret, offers a wide variety of events.

This historical landmark has been THE forest castle since the Middle Ages. Legend has it that the waters of the Comper lake hide the Crystal palace, built in one night by Merlin for Fairy Vivien….

In the castle grounds, visitors can get a preview of most of the landscapes in Brocéliande: moorland, a lake, some red stone and remarkable trees. 


The Arthurian Centre

The Arthurian Centre offers a great program of events : concerts, plays, tales, initiations, exhibitions…

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The entry ticket gives you access to
  • The Comper Castle
  • The permanent exhibition
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • The castle grounds
  • Vivien’s lake, a sensitive nature area
  • Weekly activities (listening to one of our storytellers under the oak tree, school of wizardry, tree tales, medieval market, King Arthur’s Pentecost), excluding major events.

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Confrontation The Arthurian Centre The Arthurian Centre The Arthurian Centre and the Gate of Secrets Confrontation - The Arthurian Centre Comper castle - The Arthurian Centre The Arthurian Centre The Arthurian Centre Becoming Arthur's knight - The Arthurian Centre Minstrel - The Arthurian Centre The Arthurian Centre - Petitspas Knight confrontation - The Arthurian Centre - Pentecost Affiche_2020_definitif_LD

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