The Menhirs of Monteneuf

Menhirs de Monteneuf - @Emmanuel Berthier


Many legendary sites in the forest of Brocéliande include menhirs, burial mounds, covered galleries dating back to the Neolithic era. On the edge of the Brocéliande forest, the site of the menhirs of Monteneuf provides a spectacular insight into the mysteries of megalithic sites.

In Monteneuf, you will be able to wander in-between the 42 standing menhirs on a site that includes over 400 stones currently undergoing archaeological research. Access to this space and to the interpretation circuit is free.

Discussed themes: Why and how were menhirs raised? What was daily life like for people in the Neolithic era? How is archaeological research carried out? What are the latest findings?

Workshops, guided tours… there is something for everyone!

During school holidays, the association Les Landes that manages the site organises discovery and initiation workshops where participants can learn and test the techniques used by Prehistorical men.


Workshops for the whole family

  • Lighting a fire
  • Moving a menhir
  • Pottery crafting
  • Making a piece of jewellery
  • Menhir engraving

Advance booking advised

Workshop rates:

  • Full rate: 6€
  • Reduced rate: 3€
  • Children under 5: free

Guided tours

Guided tours are organised in the summer. A guide specialised in cultural heritage will help you look for clues and traces on the stones and tell you the story of raised stones and of the men that built them.

Advance booking required

Guided tour rates:

  • Full rate: 6€
  • Reduced rate: 3€
  • Children under 5: free

Treasure Hunt

Spring, summer and fall school holidays.
Every family is given a pouch containing the tools to answer the questions, accomplish the challenges and unlock the mysteries of life in the Neolithic era.


  • Les journées de l’archéologie (the Archaeology Days, third weekend of June)
  • La fête de la Préhistoire (the Prehistory festival, third weekend of July)
  • Les nuits d’étincelle (Spark nights, two summer evenings to admire the site at sun dawn)
  • Les journées du patrimoine (Heritage open days, in September)